How to touch a Max Patch

cycling74-logosmallerGetting a touchscreen to control a Max patch isn’t hard, but it can be frustrating to do in a way that feels fun. A lot of data comes pouring out of your average iPad, and knowing what to do with it all can be a real challenge. In this talk I’ll look at a few strategies for mapping touchscreen data to sound and video synthesis while retaining a sense of expressiveness. I’ll also show some of the software I’ve been working on intended to facilitate these strategies.

imageSam Tarakajian is a developer at Cycling ’74; his work focuses on interface design and performer experience, especially in the mobile domain. Before coming to Cycling ’74 he worked two jobs, one on the Core Audio team at Apple and one at Anybots, a startup devoted to taking over the world with robots. Sam made sure the robot overlords could talk.

Tickets available here

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One thought on “Sam Tarakajian_How to touch a Max Patch

  1. Mapping strategies – audio – touchscreen – our good buddy Sam. Aaaaargh, I can’t believe I’m not in Leicester! Please please please tell me there will be media/resource available post-workshop.


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