Call for submissions


DSC_8716As part of the festival programme, we will be hosting a series of talks relating to the use of Max within modern digital art. Rather than suggest a theme we are really interested in exploring the scope and potential that Max can bring to artists work and are keen to hear about projects incorporating Max/MSP/Jitter or Max for Live.

The talks will be held at Phoenix Arts Centre on 23rd and 24th March 2013 in one of our state of the art cinema auditoriums.

If you are interested in presenting at Code-Control please get in touch by clicking here.  The Deadline for submissions is Friday 8th February.

cat_final-01cycling74-logoThe Catalyst Scheme

The Catalyst Scheme is a fund created by Cycling ’74, Phoenix and Arts Council England to support and encourage digital artists to develop their work.

The fund has been divided into three categories. 

The Catalyst Bursary

This is an opportunity for people who want to get involved to gain a free ticket to the event. Click here for more details

The Catalyst Science Fair

If you would like to attend the event to show and discuss a project that is in development or that you would like to promote please click here

The Catalyst Award

If you are a performance or installation artist and were interested in exhibiting a new work, please click here to learn more about our funding package.

The Deadline for submissions is Friday 8th February.

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